Install New Sewer Line

The Masjid Property is almost 80 years old and the main sewer line is of clay type and was installed next to the East Palm tree or the tree was istalled next to it. The roots of the Palm Tree has damaged the line on our property and on the street and the bathroom were almost put out of service during Ramadan. We are currently obtaining estimate from contractors to install new sewer line to server the property. This work is going to be costly because of the work on the Maple Street.

Improvements, Maintenace and Repairs to the Masjid Facility 

The Masjid Property is almost 80 years old and is in need of face-uplift, significant maintenance and repairs. It needs new lighting, new audio system, structural repairs of the structural, walkways, pavement surface, etc.

Remodel The Islamic Center Purchased House

For the last 3 years our community Alhamdulillah (All praises be to Allah) has shown a tremendous growth. With this come lots of demands and challenges.

On February 21st, 2014, the Islamic Center of Glendale has purchased the adjacent property at 1113 Raleigh Street with a lot size of 9200 Sq. feet, and a house of 1328 SF, 2 bedrooms, 2 Bath, basement with windows. This will provide us with substantial expansion and benefits in the near and far future including housing for Imam.  We have obtained a Qard-Hasan of $110,000 in order to close the escrow. Al-Hamdulillah we have paid the remaining amounts of Qard-Hasan on July 28th, 2015. We need to raise funds to enable us to rehabilitate and repair the house that is currently unusable due to its condition. We have cleaned the back yard and installed to gates one between the center and the new property and new entrance gate to the property from Raleigh Street. Also we have constructed a concrete driveway between the two properties at a cost of $2,350. We have an itemized list (on the home page right sidebar) of items that we encourage our dear brothers and sisters to sponsor an item or partial item of the repair list. A Contractor have started the work and city required us to retrofit the house with shear walls for earth quake. We have obtained estimates that it will cost in the order of additional $120,000 to complete the remodeling.

New Surveillance System

We have installed new Surveillance System to ensure the safety and well-being of our community. The system is monitoring the facility 24 hours daily.

New Central Vacuum System

Over the last 4 years we had purchased 3 commercial type vacuums but all went pad therefore, we installed a central vacuum system for its economical life cycle cost. Also it will provide a cleaner service since the canister that collects the dust is in the basement and remote from the prayer areas and therefore the dust leak to the prayer area is non-existence.